On October 26, 2021, a rare Pepe, PEPENOPOULOS, sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $3.6m USD. The user experience of buying Rare Pepes is as messy as walking through the narrow streets of an ancient bazaar. It was built on Bitcoin based early iterations of DeFi and NFTs, and it has recently expanded into the Ethereum universe, making it more handy, but maybe also more confusing. SCHROEPEPE – The Schroepepe is simultaneously alive and dead. It appears differently based on which device it is displayed on. “RARE PEPE DO NOT SAVE” to indicate that the artists behind each design had not yet published the meme for public use.


There was the alt-right stuff in 2016, 2017, and then come 2018, 2019, it was all over the Free Hong Kong movement. The fact that it was being used in crypto earlier on is not a huge surprise. Rare Pepes are Crypto art NFTs minted on the Bitcoin blockchain between 2016 and 2018 and catalogued in a web directory called the Rare Pepe Directory. Rare Pepes were originally bought and sold in a web application called the Rare Pepe Wallet.

Rare Pepe Tutorials: Part 2 – Adding BTC to RPW – Rare Pepe Wallet

And as the tools get easier to use, I think you’re gonna see a lot more traditional artists creating these types of tokens and stuff like that. Later, the “most expensive rare Pepe in existence,” according to the auctioneer, sold after an enthusiastic but good-natured bidding war. It looked just like Homer Simpson, if Homer Simpson were a depressed green frog. ” one audience member goaded, encouraging others to up their bids. “Jesus Christ,” said another as the bids continued to climb.

While this isn’t a new concept , it’s the first time ownership of a meme might actually benefit you financially. Join us next week as we get deep into the world of legendary digital artist and crypto art pioneer, XCOPY. It was the early uses of “Feels good man” that ignited the world of memes today. And even if you disagree with Pepe’s role as the initiator of memetic culture, it’s hard to contest his fame.

The more coins the miner burns, the larger his or her virtual mining “platform” will be. Sometimes Pepe’s darkness creeps into the submissions to Rare Pepe Wallet. “That probably coincided with when it was more in the media as a Nazi frog,” he said. Even with all the prices crashing down again, those Telegram chats are still pretty active. People were like, “Yeah, the price is down, but I can still buy this Dank Rare for 20 bucks.


With 2017 projects such as CryptoPunks, Crypto Kitties, and more continuing to gain popularity, discontinued legacy projects have become a widely sought-after asset within the NFT ecosystem. But because Rare Pepes live on Counterparty — a Bitcoin-based platform outside of the widely used Ethereum blockchain — Looney believes Rare Pepes haven’t received the recognition they deserve. So what does mechanical engineer Joe Looney have to do with the most popular frog meme on the internet?

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Simply select a project that you like, and then mint an NFT from that collection. Your result will be randomly generated on demand, so you won’t know exactly what your NFT will look like until you make the purchase. And thanks to the prominence of the NBA brand, the project helped drive mainstream awareness for blockchain and NFTs as few things could. For any doubters out there, the numbers largely speak for themselves.

  • Gen Z doesn’t simply live on the internet, it’s the curator of the medium’s culture, and therefore much of the world’s culture.
  • Then we actually reopened it after the Rare Art Festival in early 2018 [where a Homer Simpson Rare Pepe sold for close to $40,000], because everybody was so excited about it.
  • It will be interesting to see if this trend continues and if more rare cards are sold for high prices in the future.
  • The cool thing with Ordinals is that they do everything on-chain, but there’s no reason you couldn’t inscribe metadata that points off-chain.
  • Pepe Crown is a rare collectable in the Dank Memer game.

That was one of the things that drove people to use Ethereum in 2017, as opposed to Counterparty and Bitcoin, because Ethereum fees were much lower at the time. Ethereum-based artists saw they could start making their own Pepes and submit them to the Fake Rare directory, or the Dank directory, and the fees are less than $1 for a transaction. Whereas if I’m going to do something on OpenSea, it’s going to cost somebody $30 to buy. Once other people decided they wanted to start making Rare Pepes, I created the wallet. I ran into a situation where it was like, Okay, people can create these, but we need to curate to some extent.

Art Blocks: Snowfro, Tyler Hobbs, and More on the Rise of Generative NFT Art

So, instead of Trumpist Pepes, you’ll find card designs like My Little Pepe, which might be the most expensive Rare Pepe ever sold. It recently changed hands for 1 million PepeCash (currently about $3,300). These aren’t necessarily the Pepes that posters on 4chan and Reddit would consider “dank” (most Pepes aren’t presented in card form, after all) but their rarity makes them a commodity.

Next time, though, the team wants the auction to be bigger and to include more remote participants. Moreover, Nicholas said, the team is looking to partner with an established art house in the coming months to do a dedicated Rare Pepe auction event. Speakers at the event included members of the New York City-based art world and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

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https://currency-trading.org/s have exploded over the last year, achieving exponential growth alongside the booming crypto market. But Looney, an early Bitcoin adopter and avid member of the greater crypto community, has a rightful claim to fame as one of the earliest NFT pioneers. You’re going to need a Bitcoin compatible wallet to buy, store and sell your Pepe assets.

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Ultimately, the Pepe sold for 350,000 units of Pepe Cash, which currently amounts to $21,000 USD (a sum that, it’s worth mentioning, was worth $38,500 at the time of the auction). Strangely enough, there really is something satisfying and about seeing the ranks of your wallet slowly fill up with the cards. In an afternoon hanging out on the channel I accumulated 15 different cards, the rarest of which was PWA—Pepes With Attitude—with a circulation of 187 (geddit?). But this is nothing compared to the rarest Pepe of all, ONLYONEPEPE, of which understandably there is only one, or close second WINKELPEPE with a circulation of two. The newfound uniqueness of the certified rares has led to a subculture of Rare Pepe traders which has coalesced around a Telegram group. I joined it to chat to some of the traders, who were pretty quick to oblige by sending me my first Pepes and talking about the project with me.

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It’s collectible.They want to know they have it, and then they have this limited edition thing that maybe somebody else doesn’t have. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. XCP Dex is an open source application that uses Counterparty and Counterblock API’s to make the Dex accessible outside of Counterwallet. D. Come and join the auction with the great @theogoodman. People might be so generous to send you a real Rare Pepe sample. Counterparty extends Bitcoin’s functionality and was considered a “Bitcoin 2.0”.

To date, https://cryptonews.wiki/Punks is still one of the most sought-after NFT collectibles, and any NFT from the collection is considered a rare and exclusive item in the community. The Punks themselves typically go for hundreds of thousands, with some trades easily climbing into the millions. And it’s not just collectors that are after these valuable NFTs. Some companies, like Visa, have also purchased Punks in the past, which has further driven up scarcity and demand among NFT aficionados.

A wallet built exclusively for the purpose of finding, purchasing, selling or destroying Pepes. Together with Rarepepewallet came Pepecash; the native economy of the Pepesystem. Pepecash in itself is another card, with its own design; but it has a supply of 700 million, which makes it extremely liquid. Overtime, Pepecash was adopted as a native currency, and eventually Rare Pepes could be priced and bought in BTC, XCP or PEPECASH. First to create a digital artwork tied to the blockchain that changes its representation based on what machine it is displayed on. Rare Pepe also has its own telegram channel to discuss the Foundation and the cards themselves.

Too many memes have tarnished the defi space, with nothing to offer but a useless erc-20 token. The NFT art pieces in this museum are not only for the patreons of arts, history and culture. They also contain valauble clues which will lead to the infamous of the lost Kekistaian treasures. Pepe still remembers how some of you found his dominion. He knows that word has travelled down the grapevine, and some have learned of his hidden treasure.

Now, thanks to the https://crypto-trading.info/ and Counterparty communities, people can trade and own the first truly rare Pepes. Geolina163, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia CommonsRare Pepe NFTs aren’t the most popular digital art collectibles, but they have an interesting history. Read on to learn what Rare Pepe NFTs are, why they are relevant in Bitcoin culture, and whether or not you should consider collecting them. Secondly, the third-party risk of Emblem Vault cannot be overlooked. Emblem Vault does reduce the friction of the Pepe ecosystem dramatically by enabling Ethereum-like interaction, but not without a cost. It is through Emblem Vault that many hold their Nakamotos and Rare Pepes.

They don’t need to get Bitcoin, they don’t need to do anything. So it was kind of a way to spread the word of Rare Pepe and give this gift card and the person that gets it. Literally all they need to be able to do is go to a website and type in the code on the card, like you would do with any gift card. Collectors can wrap their Bitcoin-based assets like Rare Pepes and Spells of Genesis Cards to bring them onto the Ethereum blockchain—as a native ERC-721 token—through the vault.

Rarepepe whether purposefully or not is exploring and expanding the new concept of scarce and tradable digital assets on the open and permissionless blockchain. It’s not claiming to change the world like “the DAO” did but in its own funny jokey way, rarepepe is slowly invading the crypto space. This web-based encrypted wallet was developed to allow users to buy, sell, and store Rare Pepes using a medium of exchange called Pepe Cash. The backbone of the Rare Pepe Wallet is the Counterparty which is built upon the bitcoin network.